Thursday, July 31, 2008

Which One?

SShe would wear a red bandanna on her head with this one! This was really cute.

I really like this one too. She could wear a bandanna with this too, or maybe Andrea's straw hat. Before you make a decision you need to know that this belongs to Bree's mom and is 60 years old!
I think this is sweet, but I think that she would be hot and my old crochet bonnet was too little=(

Help me out. Which one would be the cutest for the pioneer days baby contest?

Look at my Big Girl!

We got this toy at Wal-Mart, because Adi can stand up to things, but she is to short to reach the couch. I thought she needed a toy, and this is what we came home with.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Full Days Work!

I was feeling very ambitious yesterday and today. Last night Adi and I went to the school to get some things from my room that I could work on at home. It was all of the piddly stuff; like putting the kids names on about 500 different things. I stayed up rather late doing that. At that point I had gotten it in my head that I wanted to get to the school and get going on it so that I wasn't stuck doing it last minute.

Last year I couldn't get into my room until way to close for school to start because of new carpeting, which I am thankful for. Being a first year teacher I felt like I was starting from scratch. Too bad that it wasn't scratch until I had filled about 8 or 9 industrial sized garbage bags. I am not saying anything bad about the person who had the room before me, I'm just saying that maybe he wasn't the tidiest/ most organized person. I think that I am both of those things, so getting my room ready last year was quite a chore.

James took Adi to Shelly's this morning so that I could work in my classroom, and boy did I. I got to the school at about 9:30 and was there until after 5! I feel really good about it. I am having more fun getting it ready this year, because I am just adding to things that I did last year. I think that I am going to go one more afternoon this week. That should get me done with most everything that I can do for now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Weekend!

Starting out Friday was a great! We had Jared and Bree out for supper and a game of "Hand and Foot." Did we lose? Of course we did, but it was still a lot of fun. It was nice to get back to a long lost Friday night ritual =) My family also stopped in on their way home from Branson. It was nice to know that they were back and safe. The hadn't seen Adi in about a week and a half, and they were about to go insane.

Friday morning my dad called me about 9 times wondering if we were coming to Kahoka, and when, why we weren't there yet, etc... James had some things to do so I decided that Adi and I could go on and spend the day with my family. James was on call so he couldn't go to Kahoka until Sunday. Since gas was so super cheap (haha) I thought that I should fill up before I left. I went into Casey's to pay. I wanted to us my debit card so that I could get some cash for the weekend. They ran my card. It was rejected. Not once, not twice, but three times. I finally wrote a check. I was mad and embarrassed. I went directly from Casey's to the bank. I couldn't even use my card in the ATM. I of course called James in tears and made him come to town and try his card. NO LUCK. I tried it at the Exchange Bank in Kahoka. Still nothing. It bothered me all weekend.

I was in Kahoka on Sunday, and James got there at about 9. We went to my in-laws house until James had to go to the fair for his mud-run. As the day went on it looked more and more like rain. James had just gotten done and it started to pour. I was going to go back over to Mary and Cecil's', but I had to wait more than an hour for the rain to let up. It was still coming down really hard when we left, but we needed to see Cecil before he went to bed. The weather never did seem to get better, and I was too scared to drive home, so I stayed in Kahoka again. James had to go home because he had to work today. I really worried about him until he called and said that he had made it home safely.

This morning I called the bank as soon as I woke up. Apparently it wasn't just me who had the debit card delima. It still made me a little angry. It is frustrating to know that you have money and no way to get to it. Oh well. It works now ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


No I am not talking about fond memories. I am talking about my daughter. The mirror has become her very favorite toy. She thinks that the other baby is hilarious. She reaches out her arms and does this awesome laugh that sounds like a machine gun! She could sit and do that for what seems like forever. It cracks me up. She also does a lunge at the mirror baby, and I am convinced that someday in the near future she is going to ram her head into it, and the baby will no longer be her special friend. ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Countdown Begins =(

Sorry Jenn, only 29 days until school starts. I am sure that you could put that down to 20 if you count in the days that I will be at meetings and in my classroom before school starts. I think that I am going to start getting my room ready the first week of August. I plan to go one whole work day and then see where I am at after that. I hope that two or three days will do it. Even though I am not ready to go back, I am excited to start a new year with a new class. I think that I am going to have a pretty good class this year!

I am really excited to set up my room. We are going to be having a jungle in my room this year. It will be complete with a very life-like palm tree. I am more excited about it than my class will be. I just think come December, when we can't get outside, I will appreciate all of the bright colors.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tired Thursday!

I don't know why I am sooo tired today. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Of course, Adi doesn't think that she needs a nap today. I thought I was tired when I was pregnant, but I still have my days. Adi is very mobile these days, and I really have to watch her every move. It isn't like before when I could lay her down and she would play in one spot. I now have to make sure she isn't getting into anything. You wish for them to do things, and you wait patiently for milestones to happen. Then, they do and you wish that you could have a little of that back. I am so thankful that she is such fun baby. She is always laughing and playing and reaching. Today though, I would like to go to sleep.
Those were the days! can you believe how teeny tiny she was?

After James gets home we have to go to Kirksville and go grocery shopping. We go about once every two weeks. I really enjoy that we go together. I hope that we always do. I tell myself that he loves to spend the extra time with me, but deep down I think that he just wants to make sure that I don't forget anything ;) We usually make an evening of it and go somewhere good for supper. I will try not to fall asleep in my plate! NO, I wouldn't do that. I know that tonight is Dad's night to get up. He is so awesome for taking turns. My mom says that I am lucky because my dad didn't do that with any of us. I tell her that is her fault. James is an amazing husband, but I think ALL husbands should take their turn.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

One More Week... GONE!

We are about to end another week of summer already. I am going to be gone for the weekend, so I thought that I should get one more blog in. I am going to get up early and go to Shelly's to watch the kids so that she can go to Curves. Then, I am going to go to Bloomfield and work out. Erin and I are going to meet Sarah for lunch at the Mexican restaurant. That will be nice b/c we haven't seen her in a couple weeks;)

I am off to Kahoka when we get back. Adi and I are going to watch her Aunt Emily play her last softball game of the season. James is going to stay home and work on his mud truck and get it ready for his mud run on Saturday. We will stay in Kahoka on Saturday night also. We need to stay as much as we can b/c Cecil is not doing very well. He has been falling a lot lately. His head is filling up and he can't keep his balance. He just isn't himself. He finally went to the Dr. He said that it was just the cancer working, which was the nice way of saying that there isn't much that they can do. James is having a hard time with it. We just deal with things in a completely different way. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and he is very introverted. You would think that after an 8 1/2 year relationship I would know how to handle that, but that is the one thing that is still really hard for me to understand. I just have to know that he will talk about it when he is ready.

I will hopefully be back in time for church on Sunday. That means I have to get everyone's buns out of bed, including mine, get back to Lancaster, and be ready for church by 10:30. I can do it! I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm a Big Kid Now!

I just really love this picture. She looks all happy and shiny. I don't know if shiny was the best adjective to use, but look at those precious cheeks!!! She is really getting hard to change now. She is always wanting to roll around while she is getting dressed, diaper changed, etc.

Adi is attempting to tackle the sippy. It is an amazing Dr. Brown trainer so we don't make any messes, and she really has to suck to get the juice to come out. Unfortunately she's not diggin' the juice. We have been giving it to her forever. She took it ok when she first started, because it was new, but now she gets all dramatic and acts like she is choking. I don't know where the drama comes from. It must be her dad ;).

Finally she is sleeping upstairs. I say finally, but it was me holding her back. She could sleep any where. She is doing great. Upstairs seemed so far away though. I guess now we can get that big, ugly pack-n-play out of our bedroom.

Yep, she's sittin' up like a big girl! She plays with her drums all the time. Awesome sit and play toy! Notice the shirt, "Daddy Rocks." Apparently Adi does too.

Here is my baby eating real bananas out of her Munchkin feeder. She loves fresh fruit, and she can feed it to herself. It is in a handy little mesh bag, so I don't have to worry about her getting big chunks. All babies should have one!

I haven't blogged for an entire week. This summer break is going way too fast. I noticed the last time that blogged, that I hadn't put up pictures forever. I thought I needed to prove to all four of you, that actually read my blog, that my baby is big stuff!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Feel the Burn!

I know that I have only worked out three days including the walk, but I must be doing something right. I am very sore. It isn't so bad when I am busy, but when I am sitting and get up I can really feel it. It is reassuring. I know that something is working. I am anxious to get to the point when it doesn't hurt anymore. I am going again tomorrow morning, so we will have to see how that makes me feel. Even though my body is in distress, I feel great doing something for me.

Update on Adi Maree: I have had the best time getting to spend so much extra time with my baby girl. She is playing so much. I LOVE to hear her laugh out loud. She is sitting up perfectly now. I don't have to be right there with her to make sure she doesn't topple over. I need to post some picture of her playing her drums. SUPER CUTE!!! She is also getting into the crawling position. I think she might actually do it before to long. I guess we will see =)