Thursday, July 30, 2009


We just had these taken yesterday! I LOVE them all, but these are a handful of my favorites. I am sorry they are small. I can't figure out how to get them bigger. Enjoy!!!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wall Letters

Here they are! I have the letters finished. They are not up on the wall yet, but I wanted to get them done, so that I could take them to Mandie's tonight to get our pictures done. I was going to leave Hali's letters white, but I just couldn't.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hali's Nursery

It is all coming together now. It now feels real. The room is done!
What a weekend. Friday James and I were going to go eat supper at the Pear Tree with Trenton and Erin for Erin's birthday. Erin text me that morning saying she wasn't feeling great and would have to see how lunch settled before we went anywhere. That afternoon she let me know that it hadn't gotten any better, so we had to put a rain check on our plans. Then later that afternoon I had a Popsicle with Adi. As soon as I finished I started to get sick. When James got home I had my head in the toilet, and I was so upset because we were supposed to leave for Des Moines to go baby shopping the next morning. We decided we would just see how I felt. My parents are on vacation in Virginia ( Dad and Tara both got the stomach flu on the way), and James's mom works on the weekends, so my Nana was going to watch Adi for a couple days and nights. Nana called that evening and said that she had been throwing up all day and wasn't going to be able to watch Adi Saturday, but would see how she felt Sunday. I won't bore you with anymore details, but I'll just say we got it worked out. We had a great time. We hit a few stores, ate a big steak, watched a hilarious movie, and had Coldstone Creamery! We started Sunday by grabbing some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and finishing up our shopping. Mom and Nana gave me cash for Hali, because we are not having a shower. I was not expecting that, so it was a nice surprise. I got to get everything instead of getting a few things here and there. ( THANK YOU!) Nana felt better Sunday and kept Adi for the day, but we ended up picking her up that night. I said it was because I didn't want Nana to have to keep her if she wasn't 100% better, but secretly I didn't want to leave her two nights. After working Monday and today, we are done!!! I still have to get the letters done to put above the crib. It will come in its own sweet time.

Adi's Big Girl Room / Upstairs Bathroom

So, I know that this is not very exciting. I know that a bathroom is a bathroom, but since I was posting pictures of the girls' redone rooms, I thought this one should get some attention. We did this room quite awhile ago. It was red and didn't look much like a kid's bathroom. That is who will be using this bathroom the most so I wanted a change. It was hard to get good pictures, because the bathroom is not very big.

Here are a few pictures of Adi's room. We didn't paint or anything. We just rearranged and took out the baby furniture. The only new thing is Adi's dresser, which is so cool. It has colored panels in it that can be changed, so that it can change with her room. I LOVE IT! The only thing that is left is the letters above her bed. I am going to scrapbook some bigger letters. I have them; I just have to get them done. Adi was really excited when she got home from Shelly's today. She went in her room and literally squealed. She noticed the dresser first, and wanted to know where her diapers were. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

Tonight my baby is sound asleep in her big girl bed. I can't help but be emotional. She can't be old enough for that, can she? I called my mom and told her it made me sad, and she told me that it was ok, because I would have a new baby to put in that crib soon. That almost made it worse. That is Adi's bed! I have that whole, " how can I love another baby as much," syndrome. I know that will all change, but it is hard to understand now. Don't get me wrong. I already love Hali with all my heart. It's just different at this stage of the game. You'll notice that we still have the crib as back-up just in case. We are painting Hali's room on the 27th, so that will give us time to transition Adi, and then move the crib to Hali's room. Wish us luck!!!

Story Hour

This Wednesday, I took Adi to our local story hour, at the library. There have been a couple that I have missed, and I wish we would have gone. I wasn't sure how it would be for someone Adi's age. Thanks to Andrea's advice, we decided to give it a try. I don't think that she cared whether or not they read, but I think she enjoyed being with all of the kids that were there. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Man and His MUD!

I don't talk about my hubby's hobbies often (or ever.) It is not because I don't care. I am glad that he has things that he enjoys doing, because I have things that I enjoy. I just don't necessarily understand the things that he loves, nor does he when it comes to my shopping! James likes to play in the mud. Yes, you read right. His hobby involves big trucks and mud. You take your truck and see how fast and far you can go through a big pit of mud. The goal is to do that farther and faster than everyone else. He had a mud run this weekend and he got first place. Although I don't understand, I am still proud of him. He is a very quite, humble person, but when he got home yesterday, he was grinning from ear to ear, with his trophy and $90 prize. He didn't even break anything on his truck. Believe me, that is a feat in itself. So congrats to you honey! Good luck next week!

Broken Hearted

I just had my heart broken into a million pieces. =( I took my baby girl up to bed and got her book out, like I always do. She did not want me to read or hug her or love on her. She let out a bloody murder scream that could have shaken the house. "DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!" He came upstairs, and immediately the crying stopped and she snuggled into her daddy's chest and was at peace with the world. I kissed her and left them to have their time, but when I walked out the door the tears streamed down my face. I know that is silly, but it just broke my heart. I know that she loves me, and I am so grateful that she loves her daddy so much. I also am so happy that he is so wonderful with her. It is probably just my hormones, but wow that

On a lighter note, baby Ashten has made a lot of progress the last couple days. He is no longer on the ventilator. He has been in the room with Amos and April all day and she has gotten to change his diaper. I got a picture message on my phone. He was dressed and looking around, with his paci in his mouth. Soon they will be home and this will all just be a memory.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Frady Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that April, as of yesterday evening , is in Columbia with her new bundle of joy. She finally got to hold him in her arms. Yesterday he made some progress, but he has developed pneumonia. They assure her that he is fine, but like any mother would be, she is scared, and can't wait to get him home. They are staying in the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia. She expects him to be there for at least 10 more days, so please keep praying. I plan on going to see her next Tuesday, but will talk to her before then. If I have any updates I will let you know.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prayers for the Frady Family

I know that those of you that read my blog already know that April Frady had her baby, Ashten Everett Frady, at 4 a.m. Her water broke yesterday afternoon. She did not know that was what it was for sure. She called her mom and then me and we both said better safe than sorry. She went in to be checked and her water had broken and she was dilated to a three. This would have been great, but Ashten was not to be here until Aug. 7. She had been told that she was measuring a couple weeks ahead so we all still had high hopes for a good sized baby. At 11 o'clock she was only dilated to a 4/5 and they were only giving her until 4 to have the baby on her own. She was checked by the Dr. at midnight and was told that he was crooked in the birth canal. They did some massage and manipulation to try to change his position, but had no luck. He was born by c-section. Everyone was thrilled to hear that he was 7 lbs. 6 oz., 21 1/2 in. long, a head full of dark hair, and as Amos, his dad, said " feisty as all get out!" Everyone appeared to be healthy.
Ashten ended up having a hard time breathing, due to under developed lungs, so he was indeed a preemie. I can't imagine how big he would have been had he been born full term. They took him to Columbia this afternoon. Amos and Courtney, April's sister, went to be with the baby. Because of surgery April is unable to leave the hospital. Her mom is with her now, and she could be out of the hospital by tomorrow evening if all goes well, and then she will go to Columbia, where her heart is now. She is doing well under the circumstances, and Ashten is absolutely beautiful. He looks like a healthy pink, chubby bundle of joy. He is going to be fine, he just needs a little help for now. I know I promised pictures, but he was behind glass and I could not get a good picture. I will make sure I post one as soon as I can. He could be in Columbia anywhere from 2-7 days. Keep them in your prayers.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I LOVE This Girl!

It is official! School is out! It's time enjoy myself and spend every second I can with my baby. I have to say that I have the greatest job in the world (for me). I get to have a whole summer to rejuvenate myself and get a taste of being a stay at home mom, and I get to spend nine months out of the year loving someone else's kids. I am so thankful.

Side note- I am now 24 weeks pregnant. Well at least I will be tomorrow!