Monday, September 29, 2008

Playin' Hookey

I did skip school today, but alas, I am not terribly wild and crazy. It WAS planned, and has been for about a month and a half. I just took Adi today for her nine month check. She is 10 months, but her Dr. is pretty popular! All was well. She is weighing in at a scale tipping 18 lbs. and 26 in. long. She's a whopper! The Dr. said that she was perfect. She did ask if she had been sick at all, and I told her no, but her eyes were running last week. She said that her ears looked like she was just getting over an ear infection. I hate that I didn't know, but she said had she been in pain I would have known. Thank God for such a good baby with a high pain tolerance.
I will be back to school tomorrow, but gone again on Wednesday. I am going to a Science workshop at Truman with the other 4th grade teachers. Then Thursday is my birthday!!!! I love my birthday. I will probably not do anything on my actual birthday, but Wednesday after we get done with the workshop, my friend Sarah and I are going to get pedicures! Then, I think that my husband is going to take me out to super and we are going to get Adi's Halloween pictures taken. We wouldn't typically get Halloween pictures taken, but we have a coupon for a Halloween collage. I would also like to get a good picture of her for her birthday invitations. On my actual birthday my sisters both have games here at Schuyler

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Few of Her Favorite "NEW" Things!

Climbing up the stairs, with permission. I don't let her climb up without me behind her, but I had to get a picture from above. I only let her go one more before I picked her up.
Trying to climb the stairs without permission. She thinks she is big stuff!
Playing dress up. I LOVE this picture! I think that she looks like an old man with a pipe. Thanks for the hat Andrea.
Mickey Mouse. So cool to have a toy that is bigger than you. Her daddy got this for me before we got married knowing that someday we would have a baby that would like it.
This is a two-fer. We love Love LOVE our new highchair. ( Thanks granny!) But we also really like our baby mum mums. They are like a big cracker, but they dissolve. ( Thanks Darla!)
Laughing out loud. Everything is funny these days. We have left the machine gun laugh behind and are now laughing like a real baby.
Shoes!!! What girl doesn't go crazy for shoes? I think that she is more interested in eating and playing with them, but she digs them all the same.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keep It Up

Three nights of no baby waking me up. Way to go Adi!!! I hope that we can stay in that routine. We have been keeping her awake, and not letting her take a nap in the evening. Last night that was a little more challenging than I would have liked. She wanted her daddy. Here lately she has been a mommy's girl and always at my heels. Not last night. James went out to mow and Adi and I were playing. She was so sleepy that I was about to give in and let her have a short nap. She closed her eyes for a moment, but woke up crying. I took her out on the porch to watch Dad mow. When she could see him she was fine, but when he went around a corner she would cry and whine. He came over to talk to us and she held out her hands for him. He took her but explained that he had to finish his job before it got dark. She came back to me, but when I tried to shut the door she cried. I opened it. She stopped. Shut it. Cried. Opened it. Stopped. That went on for a while. I thought it was funny at first, but it didn't take long to get over that. James is such a softy and can't stand for her to cry that he put the lawn mower away and said he would finish today. I am glad that he loves her so much, but sometimes you just have to let them cry. FYI... When he came in she got ready for bed and took a bottle and didn't make another peep. I think she might LOVE her daddy a little ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008


I have managed to neglect my poor blog for a whole week. I really do not think that anyone wants to hear about my whole week. It was pretty awesome though! I'll spare you anyway.

I will just tell you about how precious my baby is. Last night she slept for a full 12 hours. YAY! That would be a great habit to get into. We will see how it goes tonight. I know that we just need to let her cry for a couple of nights and she will get used to putting herself back to sleep, but I can't stand to hear her cry. She sleeps well anyway. I shouldn't complain. She usually gets up between 4:30 and 5:30. It isn't bad for a baby, but it would be nice to get her to sleep a little later in the morning. It stinks to get up at 5 and get back to sleep by 5:30 just to know that you will be hearing the lovely sound of the alarm in 30 minutes.

She was getting pretty tired after her supper time, but I knew if she took a late nap that would ruin the chance of her getting another full night sleep. We went on a little 4-wheeler ride to try and keep her awake. Then, we brought her in and gave her a bath, bottle, and painted her toes. She was asleep by 7:45. I'll let you know if we make it through the night.

She seems to be getting so big. We have graduated to 6-9 month clothes. Most of them fit her, but we still have several 3-6 month pants. She has such short little legs. I just can't believe that she is close to a year old. She is very mobile. We have had plenty of bumps and bruises, but that goes with growing up ;) I am ready to start again. I want to have my babies close together. I think that it may be because there is such a large gap between me and my sisters.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I must be getting fall fever! I made potato soup tonight, and it was delicious. I love to make soup, but I don't very often. I don't really know how to make many. I grew up with potato, chili, ham and beans, and canned soup. Don't you love knowing that fall is right around the corner and that 70 degrees means soup and a sweatshirt?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Grandparent's Day

Whew! It is over. I am so glad that they have a day like this for the kids at school. You have to feel really bad for the handful of kids that don't have anyone with them. I only had one student without somebody. I had 23 adults in my room though, and it didn't seem like it bothered her, but we let her go see her little brother.

They changed things around this year and tried to make things more meaningful for the grandparents. I think that PTO did a great job! It is a stressful day for the teachers, not because it is a hard day, but it just throws off a routine rather quickly. I am glad they do it on a Friday.

On another note... James will be going to Louisiana next Thurs. and will be gone till the 22nd. It is the first time that he will have to be away from Adi, and I am sad for him to go also. I know that the money will be good though, and our oven just quit! ( that's a whole other post.) Everyone be praying for our boys and all the wives and kids that will be going it alone for almost two weeks.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TEETH! :( ! :( !

I am really excited! My baby has two new teeth coming in. I am NOT excited that it makes her cranky. :( Yesterday we went to Kahoka. We went on over to Keokuk and watched the Labor Day Parade, and it was HOT!!! When it got over we went back to Mary's to spend some time with her, and she was making one of my favorites, meatloaf, for supper. As soon as we got there Adi began to get fussy. Then, her fussiness turned into full on crying. She occasionally stopped to whimper. We couldn't get her to calm down. Now, mind you, my baby isn't much of a whiner/crier so I knew that something was wrong. I thought at first that she may have gotten too hot at the parade. She was burning up. I took her to change her diaper and while her mouth was wide open, I took a look in, ,and sure enough. She had a tooth barely shining through. She woke up in a much better humor. She now has two teeth shining. This will make her six teeth. Six down and how many to go? :O