Thursday, July 7, 2011

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn..

It is hard to believe that I have been blog free for two years. I wasn't off doing anything amazing, like saving the world, but I have been doing a few important things. I looked at my last post, and there I was pregnant with baby number two, who will be two in September, and just cannot wrap my head around how fast that time has gone. I started blogging three years ago. I can honestly say I am a totally different person since then. I feel like Ihave gone from a naive young lady into a full fledged woman. I know at twenty-three, with a child, I should have already had the woman thing down! I have grown spiritually, emotionally, professionally... I feel like I have surrounded myself with people that love and respect me, and I am proud of what I am turning out to be. I still watch Hannah Montana and laugh when people pass gas, but I don't want to be too prim and proper.

I am starting a new phase in my life.

~ I am no longer the mother of a baby. I have a very independent "big girl," and a toddler that is a riot and a challenge.

~ I am going to be leaving my comfort zone, after four years of fourth grade, and teach first grade which seems to be calling my name! This is a very happy change!!!

~ One of my best friends is leaving our school district. We were two peas in a pod, and I am not sure how my days will be without her.

~ I am developing strong relationships with new and old friends!

I could go on and on about all that has happened in the last two years, but I think that these last four pictures sum it up quite nicely...

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Andrea Frederick said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again! You need to preserve those memories;)